Essay The Principles Of Public Service

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What legitimizes these values from a legal, moral, teleological (the utilitarian theory whose goal is to promote happiness), and deontological (the theory that the principle matters more than even the right results) basis Public service values are legitimized from a legal, moral, teleological, and deontological perspective. Public administrator are expected to engage in lawful, responsible behavior, while carrying out the public interest. Values can be described as a set of beliefs that are shared by society and establish the criteria for what is right and wrong, immoral and moral, legal and illegal. Some practitioners believe values show be the basis for administrative ethics, but acknowledges that there are social, cultural, and the political environment plays a major role in guiding public administrators’ decision-making. From a legal perspective, values of a given sector has to be in agreement with law, if the law is going to be legitimate. The law uses values and principles as the foundation for legislation. For example, the Constitution of the United States was built on ethical principles. However in regards to law, public administrators’ are expected to conduct themselves at least to the “moral minimum” standard set by law when faced with an ethical dilemma (Cooper, 2012, pg. 131). Public administrators should use ethics legislation and code of ethics as a reference point to understand what it means to behave ethically and what is acceptable and unacceptable…

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