The Principles Of Project Management And How They Can Be Applied By A2z Construction

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the principles of project management and how they can be applied by A2Z Construction in the execution of additional office space to accommodate business growth. In recent time, A2Z Construction’s unique services have attracted a large pool of clients and led to an increase in the number of projects. This has placed great strain on the organisation in terms of accommodation, human resource management, and planning. Consequently, the organisation has resulted to two possible options to improve operations: Project A – which entails extending the current 4 storey building to a 5 storey building and Project B – which involves buying and renovating an extra small office building space nearby. Project A has an estimated budget of €400,000 while Project B has a budget of €500,000. Based on analysis, this paper will advise the organisation on the most beneficial option for the firm given the estimate budgets and timeline starting 10th October 2016 and completed on 12th December 2016. Ultimately, the chosen option should be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.
Task 1
AC1.1 Background and Principles of Project Management
Foremost, the background and principles of project management need to be understood in order to implement the chosen project successfully. Lester (2013, p. 1) defines project management as the “management of change” in a unique process containing a set of arranged activities with start and…

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