The Principle Beliefs Of Christianity Essay

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The Principle beliefs of Christianity are significant in the lives of adherents as they shaped the ethics and morals for these adherents. These beliefs have created the way that the adherent live their lives and how they celebrate their faith. Jesus is both human and divine, and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have provided ways that Christians can put their full love and trust into God. The nature of God and the Trinity, Revelation and Salvation provide ways for Christians live their life through God.

The principal belief that Jesus is both human and divine is where christians can gain strength from Jesus suffering and being challenged in the same way that humans are.This becomes clear in the scripture where John says the word was with “God and the word was God. Moreover, the word took on human flesh” John 1:14 Jesus existed as a human being with the hardships and challenges of being human. He suffered when his disciples were unfaithful and in the garden of Gethsemane he was fearful and upset because he knew death was near.

The death and resurrection of Christ is proof that he was both human and divine. Jesus dying on the cross was evidence that he was human and when he rose three days later, that was proof of Jesus being able to overcome the limitations of human mortality.

He was tempted in many different ways at times as adherents are but he grew with wisdom and was able to overcome because of his will. After Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus…

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