Essay on The Princess Of The House

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A popular island, always filled with familiar faces wherever you go, picturesque towns and fashionable boutiques. That was my home called Staten Island. I grew up in Eltingville, a town located in the middle of the island which was very convenient for me who had friends from all towns. I grew up in a modern house with walls of neutral colors and a stoned fireplace, in the middle of my living room was my mother’s favorite orange couches. I am the only girl among three crazy brothers, one older brother named Connor and two younger brothers named Devin and Gerard. So yes, I guess you can say I was the princess of the house and was a tad bit spoiled. Some people even called me the princess of Staten Island, I loved it. Between my friends, my high school, my team, my family and my adorable boyfriend I didn 't have one complaint about my life at all. Its was Friday August 26th 2016, a day I had mixed feelings about since forever, the start of college. A typical college student was unpacked, taken out for lunch and dropped off. The way things happened in my family, nothing was typical everything was complicated to an extreme level. My boyfriend and brothers walked up and down Rippie Hall’s tremendous staircase several times carrying all my belongings. My Madre unpacked everything and began to decorate. As this occurred I was sitting down drinking water because it was extremely hot, and because I was the princess of the family. It was a quarter past four and I was beyond…

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