Essay about The Primary Task Of Literary Criticism

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The primary task of literary criticism is to examine the features of content of an artwork through the lens of a specific approach that has the direct and indirect impact on development the worldview that an author is ready to share with his audience. Practically, according to Marxist Criticism, literature performs sociological and political functions that are closely related to economic notions of a particular period. For instance, the famous literary critic Terry Eagleton that promoted Marxist ideas to treat poetry and prosaic works as the product of a certain timeframe, was aware that the concept of the so called “sociology of literature suggested by Karl Marx is understandable in the following way: literary works should not be written for promotion of the specific ideology, but their understanding can be full only when they are interpreted from the viewpoint of socialistic norms. This means that the relationship between the style, the form and the meaning of a literary work should be perceived in complex, reflecting the Marxist idea of struggle between capitalism and the working class as between the dominant and subordinate groups that drive economic changes into progress of historical socialistic movements (Eagleton 1976). In relation to the literature, class struggle has been reflected in numerous poetical and prosaic works that are the subject of severe realism, specifically integrated into the new economic models, where workers are subjected to situations, in which…

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