Essay on The Price Of Poverty Is Not Just Economical

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The price of poverty is not just economical. The way in which our country is structured is that those with the least amount of wealth have the least amount of influence. This leaves entire communities systematically barred from uprooting their situations. Many people would argue that these aforementioned individuals should just vote, or work harder, or focus on family values. But in Race in America, our course book, the important argument and distinction is made between superficial representation and substantive representation. Even if these communities—many times of color—voted, it is possible that their representation would not have their best interests in mind, with a number of other special interest groups offering an asset that these communities do not have: money. This leaves the communities with no power to stop the effects of environmental racism, higher insurance costs, and higher rates of disease. Place Matters illuminates how a healthy neighborhood requires certain conditions. The solution requires a comprehensive plan that acknowledges, as David Williams says,
“…housing policy is health policy. Educational policy is health policy. Anti violence policy is health policy. Neighborhood improvement policies are health policies. Everything that we can do to improve the quality of life of individuals in our society has an impact on their health and is a health policy.”
We have to understand that, as a country, it is in our best interest to ensure that all of our…

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