The Price For Water Has Increased Essay examples

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Introduction The group chosen for this research were restaurants. The main analytical conclusion that was reached was that although the price for water has increased, it has not significantly affected how these businesses run. Through adaptation, they have learned to live with the changes that were set by state law regarding the drought. The reason of interest in this group, its description, interview methods, challenges, research findings and analysis all prove this conclusion. Group Description
Since the start of the drought, laws and regulations concerning water have changed drastically Water is clearly not as dispensable as it was in the past and must be conserved more than people have had to in the recently. Restaurants are now under more pressure to conserve water while still following hygiene regulations. The unique pressures and challenges make anyone working at a restaurant a group all on their own. These people are not just business owners, but work in any aspect of this business. A total of five people were interviewed, and they were all restaurant managers or assistant managers. All those interviewed were courteous and answered every question to the best of their availability. No real names were given during the interviews for privacy reasons.
The reason of interest in restaurants are their daily water needs, to find out their perspective on the drought and if it has drastically affected their business or not. While some clearly need less water than…

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