The Prevalence Of Implicit Racial Bias Among Health Care Providers

1619 Words Oct 17th, 2016 7 Pages
This article seeks to examine the prevalence of implicit racial bias among health care providers and its possible effects on four categories; patient-provider interaction, treatment decisions, patient treatment adherence, and patient health outcomes. To choose studies to review, with the assistance of a behavioral and social sciences librarian, the authors determined bibliographic databases to use, then narrowed down to fifteen studies using inclusion and exclusion criteria. Relevant information extracted from these studies included; citation, purpose of the study, sampling strategy, and results and findings. Through the systematic review, the authors found that implicit bias among health care providers is in fact present against Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latina, and dark-skinned patients.
This systematic review succeeds in gathering evidence of implicit racial bias in health care from multiple sources and identifying the fifteen studies’ methodologies and limitations. The authors clearly outlined the criteria and process used to gather evidence and extract information through the use of flowcharts and tables. The authors firmly supported their methods of study selection and data extraction by stating their intentions in using the studies and data included in this review. In the latter parts of the article, the authors thoroughly discuss the limitations of the fifteen studies and their impact on the studies’ results. These include sampling methods and sizes, the…

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