Essay about The Presidential Election Of 2016

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The Presidential Election of 2016 has been an interesting debate. It has been the most personal, with the candidates bringing up other candidates families, and personal lives. Donald Trump, the owner and businessman of Trump Towers in New York with no political background, is running against Hillary Clinton, who is a former first lady, and senate of the state. The two candidates have put up very good arguments for themselves, and against their opponents, but they both have a lot of secrets and moral issues. So where do each of these candidates fall on issues ranging from abortion to social security?
One of the biggest controversial topics of today’s time is abortions. By definition, an abortion is the termination of pregnancy, generally within the first twenty-eighth weeks of pregnancy. Hillary Clinton is pro-choice, meaning she wants to keep options open for women who may not have the resources, or just do not want kids. Donald Trump speaks to be pro-life, but then changes his answers to a pro-choice opinion, and says he’s pro choice. Trump though, in some of his interviews with CNN news team member Chuck Todd and MSNBC Chris Matthews, talks about potentially “punishing women who have abortions.” (“Trump Reverses Statement on Abortion after Outcry”) He then goes back on his previous quote, and says the he would punish the doctor. When this did not get the response he wanted, he goes back, again, and adds that he would only punish them if abortions were banned and the…

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