The Presidential Election Is A Best President Of The United States

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Selecting a President is very difficult to do, since people need to understand both views and proposals of what the candidates want to do if they become President of the United States. The Presidential election is the best opportunity to apply our critical thinking skills because with the Presidential debates we can find statistics, assumptions, and interpretations. The two candidates for the presidency of the United States for this year are Donald Trump which is running for the Republican party and Hillary Clinton for the Democrat party. If I have to choose who would be a best President for 2016 of the United States between Trump and Clinton, I would vote for Hillary Clinton for many reasons. However, I believe this year the candidates are a little contradictory since they both have more cons than pros. Hillary Clinton would be a better President, because she is more specific and booked in her ideas than Trump. Donald Trump is more like a celebrity who likes to be involve in the social media no matter if he has negatives heading. Hillary Clinton looks like a person who is mentally prepare to be the next president of the United States; she has a better knowledge of the Presidency than Trump. Hillary is the wife of Bill Clinton and he can help her if she became the President, while Trump has no experience of the presidency as close as Hillary. Clinton has more experience than Trump in the Presidency therefore, experience would be very helpful in taking decisions since…

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