The President 's Veto Override Essay

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The process by which the Congress overrides the President’s veto is called a veto override. This essentially means that the President’s word is not final or law. A veto override happens more commonly than one would think. For every 18 presidential vetoes, one will be overridden. This means that roughly .05% of all presidential vetoes are overridden which may not seem like a large number, however it is when things are put into perspective. The very first successful veto override occurred on March 3, 1845. President John Tyler was overusing his power to veto and Congress had to step in. He vetoed 10 bills and is only beat by two by President Andrew Jackson. The most recent successful veto override occurred under the Bush administration with the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act. This act gave better medicare benefits to those who are more in need of it and cannot afford it. With further research, it is discovered that the way that vetoes have been overridden form a bell curve occurring between the 20th and the early 21st century.

The definition of a veto override according to the United States Senate is “The process by which each chamber of congress votes on a bill vetoed by the President. To pass a bill over the President’s objection requires a two thirds vote in each chamber. Historically, Congress has overridden fewer than 10% of all Presidential vetoes”(United States Senate website, 2008). Because congress has overridden so few presidential vetoes,…

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