Essay on The President Of The United States Of America

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Who will be the next president of the United States of America? With the 2016 presidential election just around the corner, and political campaigns in full swing, this seems to be one of the questions that can be found at the forefront of a lot of peoples’ minds. For months the candidates have been verbally battling during debates and combating with political positions over the big issues that everyone wants to hear about. But there is one issue that candidates tend to shy away from, or answer in what one may consider the typically political, roundabout way where a clear solution is never really given. This infamous issue is immigration. As a country transformed by immigrants, it’s a sore spot that is dodged in order to prevent political suicide. Nearly everyone in America, at some point, had ancestors from different parts of the world, or came to the United States themselves. This has earned America the nickname of the “melting pot,” a place where a variety of backgrounds and cultures from every continent collide to form its own unique blend that defines us. People are continually drawn to the United States for our Constitution and our laws that protect the American way of life, characterized by a set of values and principles that are often summed up with equality and the right for everyone to have the opportunity at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America is idolized around the world as a sanctuary for freedom and a land of opportunity, and this is why eleven…

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