The Presidency Of Barack Obama Essay

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It has been a long and strenuous time for you as mayor of Vallejo, CA. Starting with your winning election into office in November of 2007 via recount as certainly you recall . The very first African American mayor of Vallejo; many would argue that your election and time as mayor paralleled that of the Presidency of Barack Obama. You inherited a city that was in a financial mess, and although you promised positive changes within the year, Vallejo was the first city within California to claim bankruptcy . However, given the time the council and manager brought the city back to life and onto a path for potential growth. Given that election time has just passed, and you have termed out, it is necessary that you attempt to perform any remaining changes that you had wished to carry out. Mr. Davis, Vallejo is a city of potential and yet the changes have come at the speed of a tortoise, no thanks to constant obstructing from differing views within the council. It would be more beneficial especially for someone like yourself to be able to possess larger powers. In saying this, the argument needs to be made again in regards to changing the municipal charter to include a strong mayor form, as the council-manager form is not utilizing the potential the city holds. Mr. Davis, if you recall, the first six months that you were in office you and the council had truly attempted to avoid having to file for bankruptcy . It was unavoidable as the budget could not be balanced and the country…

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