The Preservation Of Native Species Essay

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When looking at the data provided, the trends of native-species increase in the restored area and the abundance of exotic species seen in the degraded areas provides an idea of how effective the restoration efforts where at restoring them to the reference site. To begin, the data provided in table 5 gives an idea of the distribution of the number of species found at each site, and how much of a contrast is shown between the restored and degraded areas and how they compare to the reference site. If the success of this project was to be measured by the amount of native species restored to the area, and the reduction of exotic species, then the restored site would likely considered a success. However, to fully justify the efforts used to restore the native species populations, long term monitoring and evaluation should be undertaken to fully grasp the true impact of ecological restoration efforts (Liana Wortley, 2013).
(Restoration in General)
The question of whether areas can truly be restored to their original state, and if it is worthwhile in the long term does not have a definite answer, but depends on the site in question. For example, the degraded site, which contains a majority of exotic species and a dwindling population of exotic species between 2003 and 2016. Based on this trend, it is likely that the remaining native species will likely be outcompeted by the exotic species in the long term, as they cannot compete with the growth and dispersal rate of the exotic…

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