The Prayer Of The Church Essay

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The Written Word

In my own Catholic faith I attend Mass at eleven on Sundays, but occasionally with my fiancé when he is able with his work schedule we attend his family church as well. This past Sunday for Easter I attended with his family to the High Street United Methodist church in Geneva, Indiana. It was a beautiful sunny, Sunday morning. I happen to be marrying son of the Pastor, so going into the church as a family makes it extra special. Since my soon to be Mother-in-law is the Pastor, it seems only fitting that I choose to focus my reflection on the element of scripture. To start out the service like most churches the congregation sings hymns and has time for prayer and reflection with God. Because this is a very small church, with a small and generally older population they are always so welcoming when we “young ones” attend the service, the announcement speaker even loves to take the time to point me out every time I attend. After the slightly embarrassing applaud of my attendance it time for my favorite part of the service that incorporates scripture in a very unique way.
An older gentleman from the church will make his way up to the podium and he will have a short story to read. These stories are usually a joke, with much laughter from the crowd but always have a hidden meaning. After a few giggles he then goes into the meaning behind the story, and will read a passage of the scripture that follows along with it. It always amazes me how his short story can…

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