Essay on The Practice Of Shift Report

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Bedside Shift Report
The practice of shift report is where nurses hand over patient care and responsibility to the oncoming nurse. During this time proper communication of information is vital. Increased acuity amongst patients suggests the need for change in practices. Considering this increased acuity, providing patient centered care often becomes challenging for nurses. Presently the trend in practice is to give shift report at the bedside. Yet, end of shift hand over at Sunnybrook hospital’s level II intensive care unit (ICU) among charge nurses is given at the nursing station, while primary nurses give handover outside patient rooms or at the foot of the bed away from the patient.
PICO Question
The development of this PICO question is in order to determine and implement new evidence based practice (EBP) standards. The question being examined is; in a level II ICU, does bedside shift report (BSR) between nurses impact patient satisfaction. The Population is level II ICU nurses. The Intervention is bedside shift report. The Comparison is shift report given away from the patient. The Outcome is improved patient satisfaction.
Search Methodology
A literature search was conducted using CINAHL and PubMed. CINAHL (Appendix 1) was used, as this database provides extensive literature covering the fields of nursing and medicine. Initially the synonyms handover OR handoff OR shift report were used with the CINAHL heading staff nurses and without the Outcome to broaden the…

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