The Power Of The Prime Minister Essay

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Recently in Canada, there is debate around if the power that the Prime Minister holds has become stronger. Section 9 and 10 of the Constitution Act (1867) declares the Queen and Governor General as the ones who possess executive power, when today in practice, that power is found within the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The era of Pierre Trudeau in office has been referred to as the period when the checks and balances began to grow weaker due to the changes made. After a thorough analysis of the power of the Prime Minister in contemporary politics, it is being asserted that there are very minimal checks on the Prime Minister’s authority and power has therefore become progressively concentrated within his possession . This has been intensified with the minimization of the role of the Crown in Canada, as the role of the Queen has become symbolic. There are also many forces that strengthen the autonomy of the Prime Minister and he monopolizes power in regards to many matters. Finally, he uses party discipline to his advantage, making sure that each member adheres to his agenda.
The Crown’s former powers are now in the hands of the Prime Minister as the monarch’s role has been reduced to merely a figurehead. Today, her authority is strictly traditional. Due to there being no mention of Prime Ministerial power in the Canadian Constitution, the Prime Minister’s power derives from constitutional conventions; there are no written rules. This allows constitutional adaptation of…

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