Essay on The Power Of Social Media

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The Power of Social Media

As we all know, social media started being an enormous part of our lives less than ten decades ago. People from all over the world now communicate, share and learn online, which results in 40 million Tweets, 3.5 billion Facebook messages and 6 billion Google searches per day. Many people believe that those outstanding numbers of online activity are directly linked to the motivation of discrimination, but controversly, that is not the case. As a matter of fact, social media raises awareness, enhances the well being of victims and is resourceful to them, thus confirming that social media indeed has a positive impact on discrimination.

To start off, raising awareness through social media is the user’s best weapon, because sharing content is easy and circulates at a rapid pace. To be more precise, users who want to initiate social acceptance as well as movements or who want certain matters of discrimination to receive attention will post pictures, videos or speeches in which their opinion, feelings or past experiences are presented and used in order to open the readers’ or watchers’ eyes. Some posts are so shocking and eye-opening that they become viral. For instance, the Youtube video called « That’s Just Mean » shows six young men reading disturbing tweets that were sent to women. Their initial reaction, of course, was to laugh, but as the violent and vulgar tweets went on, the reactions became more and more somber. At the end, the men each gave a…

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