Theme Of Irony In Romeo And Juliet

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In all eternity, in all creation, in all worlds, and in every soul, nothing surpasses the strength and power of love. Everything in existence was created in love, the world’s salvation was confirmed in love, the foundation of happiness and everything good exists in love. With the full recognition and realization of the importance of this passion, Oscar Wild once stated, “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” Some of the greatest stories, poems, novels, and lyrics in history have their foundation centered on love, the most well-known being the tragic but beautiful Romeo and Juliet. For many centuries this play, written by the brilliantly talented William Shakespeare, has remained …show more content…
Above all irony claims his spotlight as it can be observed extended throughout the entire play, irony followed closely behind by irony in each character’s specific actions. The supreme act of a twisted paradox remains the tragic scene of both Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. Unbeknown to Romeo, Juliet had taken a drug that would put her into a death like coma in a frantic attempt to escape her marriage to Count Paris. On hearing of the supposed death of his true love, Romeo purchases a poison stating over her body that she looks though alive before drinking an inescapable fate. Not thirty seconds later Juliet awakens only to find Romeo dead and upon killing herself she leads the play into the final aspect of irony. The two lover’s family feud and hate ended with their true love and genuine friendship survived with their tragic deaths. John E. Hankins, a professor and head of the English Department for the University of Maine stated, “The completeness of their devotion to each other leads them to ironic, untimely death; yet we cannot feel that this wholly a defeat, for their love has risen superior to the storms of circumstance.” Many more ironic happening can be noted all through out the play and one can appreciate their hidden messages, meaning, and …show more content…
As Hankins later put it concerning the two lovers, “Their errors of judgment are not errors involving a consciousness of sin but are attributable to impetuous haste and unkind fate.” Today This tragic love story has left a lasting impact on all and many have tried translating it into modern day society. Some versions portrays the story adapted into new eras and some even allow Romeo and Juliet to survive, living the rest of their fulfilled lives together. This story has also inspired beautiful masterpieces such as, Berlioz’s dramatic symphony (1839), Tchaikovsky’s fantasy-overture (1869-1880), and Prokofiev’s the stunning full-length ballet (1938). Romeo and Juliet’s story has also influenced other Shakespearian plays, specifically A Midsummer’s Night Dream when Hermia states in a controversial conversation with Lysander, “If then true lovers have ever been ever crossed, it stands as an edict in destiny.” These lines can be paralleled and compared with the reference of “star-crossed lovers” within the prologue to Romeo and Juliet. Throughout both plays similar lyricism, magical, moon-lit scenes, the same struggle of love never running smoothly or ordinarily can be observed and enjoyed. Remarkably, though categorized as a tragedy, Romeo and Juliet is not remembered by it’s

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