Persuasive Essay On George Orwell's '1984'

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Eyes all Over Imagine having every thought, every spoken word, the entire world completely stalked by someone watching on the other side of a digitized screen. There is no such thing as freedom in 1984 by George Orwell. The entire population is brainwashed into thinking that the world is some sort of perfect heaven, when in reality, it is just a hopeless dark hole. They also think that they are protected and looked out for in the best interest by Big Brother. This whole image of Big Brother is made up to have complete ownership of the entire mass of Oceania. Big Brother was never labeled as a real person or just an image of the Party. This leaves the majority of the population in horrid living conditions, which they think is acceptable. On …show more content…
The basic idea behind Newspeak is to take all words that refer to ideas the Party disagrees with and strip them of their original meaning or eliminate them entirely.” Deborah A. Stanley stated in her article “1984”.JUST CITE IT Newspeak is just another way to dull societies brains without them knowing. Individuality is literally impossible when expressing thoughts in an average sentence is not an option. This limits freedom to even think to full extent. Their thought of Newspeak is that how can someone pose as a threat if that someone cannot even think in a somewhat advanced language. Newspeak removes all synonyms and antonyms and replaces them with “good” and “ungood” . If something is really good/ungood just add plus, or plusdouble. Therefore “great” would be “plusgood” and “excellent” would be “doubleplusgood”.CITE It is easy to see just from looking at those words how difficult it could be to express thoughts using a language such as this. However, Newspeak is not the only language that everyone talks by “Oldspeak” which is just regular english is still heavily used. The goal is for everyone (except the proles) to be speaking Newspeak by the year

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