Power Of Language In 1984

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In 1984 by George Orwell, the protagonist, Winston Smith, makes observations and analyses of the institutions that control his society. In Oceania, the country in which Winston resides, language is a powerful system. Language is a method of communication used by a particular group, and in Oceania, the language they use is that of Newspeak. Newspeak is a powerful force within Oceania due to the authority that is has. However, The Party, the organization who rules the society, has control over the language. In 1984, Orwell institutions’ control over people is illustrated through Newspeak and how it is utilized in Oceania. The language gives The Party the power to control the thoughts of its citizens and alter the past and future, which aids it in upholding their ideology. Yet, this control of the language is only meant for those who have power and status in their society.
In 1984 the language of Oceania serves to aid The Party in controlling the
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The proletariat class, or the proles are not under the same language control or guidelines as members of The Party. While Winston and Syme are discussing Newspeak, Syme comments that by 2050, no one will understand standard English or Oldspeak (Orwell 46). However, Winston reminds him that the proles will still be aware of the language. Winston’s reminder does not affect Syme because he believes that “the proles are not human beings” (Orwell 46). The proles are of a lower class and do not have any power in Oceania. The Party teaches and renders proles to be inferior to The Party (Orwell 63). In addition, they did not have strong political feelings, thus they were not monitored for thoughtcrime (Orwell 63). Newspeak and the way it is utilized by The Party is not meant for the proles. To the members of The Party, the proles do not have the power to affect society. Therefore, how language affects the proles is not of concern to those in power of

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