The Power Of Forgiveness: Why Revenge Doesn T Work

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Negative Anger
Why you will be punished by your anger? "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned" (Buddha, para 1). This quote illustrates that anger doesn't solve anything. It builds nothing; but, it can destroy everything. Sometimes anger can be transformed to a hurtful tool that can hurt mostly its owner than others. It is a normal feeling everybody can undergo through it. But, the problem is how to manage it positively and not letting it affect your life negatively. Anger is a natural emotion, but uncontrollable anger can manifest into rage, revenge, and numerous other negative outcomes.
Now days, revenge becomes a familiar negative method used by people
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While Forgiveness is the act of letting go the desire to punish someone for an offense. The article " The Power of Forgiveness: Why Revenge Doesn't Work", Judith Orloff M.D. (2011) tries to knowledge people that It’s natural to feel angry and say that you don't going to let that offender get away with this; Whatever this is. However, revenge brings you down to your worst self, puts you on the same level with those mean people you claim to hate. What Orloff M.D. (2011) did in this article was wonderful. She made a comparison between forgiveness and revenge. In addition, she wants the people to Learn the benefits of mercy and how to meet forgiveness. Orloff M.D. (2011) displayed that when people seeking to right wrongs positively, they just refuse to act in a destructive way opposed to ever find peace. As well as, forgiving restores your power back to you and heals your past hurts. While revenge only makes people more stressful, and may affect their health. Orloff M.D. (2011) explain to her patients that she knows that if someone hits you with a stick, you have the desire to hit him back which is the basis for wars. But, what She suggested that people should apply the rule of turn the other cheek. So, they do everything to protect what is important to them. Orloff M.D. (2011) inform the people that she knows that the hardest part is to let it go. But, the best revenge is your success, happiness, and the win …show more content…
"Love take it slow and easy. . . Love Brook everything, believe everything, and endured all things. Love never fails "(first Epistle to the Corinthians 12: 4-8 king James Version). In the article " Why everyone is so short-tempered", Peterson Karen S. (2000) states, " Our lives are all crumpled up with stress, multi-tasking, high expectations, lack of manners. Now we're amid a new epidemic of anger -- sometimes deadly anger" (para 1). Karen S. show the readers that the nation now days are in the middle of an anger epidemic that may turn to a deadly anger. He mentioned that bad tempers are laid out everywhere in the social media that publish incidents of road rage, airplane rage, biker rage, surfer rage, grocery store rage and rage even at youth sports activities. Furthermore, Karen S. points to the growing use of the f-word on cable TV and the glorification of violence in music as one of rage increase factors. He displays parents fear about the country is at a cultural precipice. In addition, Karen S. talked about how people lost some of the glue that was holding the society which is love. Karen S. reviews that experts searching for causes blame an increasing rage factor. He figures out that sense of self- importance, too little time, overcrowding and intrusive technology are some of the factors that affect people behavior management. consequently, he summarized the social factors that are

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