The Power Failure Case Study I Will Be An Effective Leader Essay

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Authority is an outright need for a CEO or for an individual to have. Leadership consolidates the use of power and influence in order to influence individuals in achieving particular goals. There are different styles of leadership styles and behaviours, for the power failure case study I will be analyzing if Ron Osborne was an effective leader.
Osborn has a laissez-faire leadership style. As a leader/CEO he is responsible for controlling all operations inside the business. Osborn noticed that the power plant needed repairs, but he delayed to take action concerning repairs. Osborne ignored his responsibilities as a CEO which also falls into the focus of citizenship behavior. As a CEO he is in charge of going past his ordinary occupation desires, it’s his obligation to support and help his collaborators and associates. Taking a closer look at Osborn 's leadership style and citizenship behaviour, it is reasonable of why he couldn 't impart any imperative data to his associated laborers, he essentially had no engineering foundation on which he couldn’t evaluate his related workers.
What Osborne could 've done to control the advancement of revamping of the plant is to implement a performance management strategy; a management by objectives would have helped. If the CEO helped set realistic goals, the plant repair would have went smoother. For instance a goal of competing 10% of the project within the next 2 months would’ve been a start.
A CEO is responsible of controlling all…

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