The Positive Impact Of Solar Energy On People, Country, And The World

1025 Words Jun 11th, 2016 null Page
Solar energy is a resource that produces electricity by emitting energy from the sun in form of solar radiation. Moreover, solar energy is not only considered as a type of renewable energy, but also sustainable energy, which means that it does not harm the environment, and there are no limits for using it. Further, devices that are used to produce solar energy are solar panels and solar cell. However, everything has both negative and positive sides, and solar energy also has its advantages and disadvantages. So, in this research paper, the topic that will be addressed is the positive economic impacts of solar energy on people, country, and the world.

In some places, consuming solar energy can help people to save their money that they pay for electricity bills. When people use solar energy to produce electricity, they can get lower electricity bills because Shahan (2013) states that producing more electricity from solar power leads to lowering electricity prices. This means that the price of electricity produced by solar panels is less than fossil fuel. Moreover, Shahan (2013) gives some examples in the United States that save money after start using solar power. So, in 2011, the estimated average of 20-years savings for Americans who start using solar energy were little over $20,000. Also, the estimation is different from one state to another. For instance, in New York, California, and Florida, the savings were projected over $30,000, and in Hawaii, the savings were…

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