Stereotypes: The Negative Effects Of Globalization

In the new era of modernization, globalization has been a topic that is widely discussed for a long time because people cannot decide if it is right or wrong. In definition, Globalization would be businesses moving beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the world, allowing them to connect with different markets. (Smith) I believe that Globalization’s positive effects outweighs the negative effects that comes along with it. It has widely helped many countries, especially third world countries. I understand why people view globalization in a negative manner, but the world is not perfect, you cannot have something that is completely good. From my point of view, which might be biased because I come from a third world country, …show more content…
Third world countries will be able to use the globalizing countries technology that they brought with them from the other countries. Example of this would be the Jeepney in the Philippines. Jeepneys are one of the main mode of transportation in the Philippines. The Jeepney originated from the left over Jeeps that the Americans brought over to the Philippines during the Second World War. Now, the Philippines cannot function without Jeepney because that is one of the main form of transportation for people to get around all over the country. Philippines did not have to go through the trouble of inventing their own engine that could function as well as the engines from the Jeeps from the United States. Filipinos were able to reverse engineer the engines, rebuild them and repurpose them to the famous Jeepneys from the Philippines. If the United States did not come to the Philippines and shared their technology, Philippines would probably still be technologically behind from most countries because the Philippines does not have the funding to make its own research and revolutionize the Philippines on its

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