The Positive And Negative Impact Of Victor Frankenstein And The Monster

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These two statements from Victor Frankenstein and the Monster suggest that knowledge has a positive and negative impact. To refer to the monsters impact on knowledge, it can be negative. He wished he never left home because he does not have that much knowledge as a regular human being would. He was never educated, so he has to learn on his own which gives him a negative impact because it is hard to gain knowledge being independent. On the other hand, Victor is completely opposite with knowledge. It is more of a positive impact. Victor has knowledge. He can be independent and free, unlike the monster. How the readers are affected by the statements of Victor and the monster has different impacts. Readers would have more sympathy for the monster because the monster is clueless. He does not know what to do because Victor did not teach him anything. Readers would have less sympathy for Victor because the readers know that Victor does have a lot of knowledge. We also know that there are consequences for Victor for having knowledge.
Victor’s decision is the right one. His decision is right because he does not have to worry about the monster causing problems to him. The
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His feelings are also sincere. Although, he was wrong for threating Victor and committing multiple murders, in a way you have to give him sympathy. The monster was never taught anything. He had to learn on his own. Victor neglected him. The only way the monster was able to coup with his feelings of rejection was the solution of violence. Victor promised he would create a female companion for the monster, which made the monster happy. Then Victor did not follow through with his promise, which made the monster feel more rage. He has been rejected and pushed away by so many people. Why wouldn’t you feel sympathy for the monster? When he felt bad for what he has done to Victor and his family, he was willing to commit suicide because that’s how depressed he

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