The Positive And Negative Attitudes Of Men And Women Essay

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word, macho? Most people may think of the many negative comments,or maybe a few of the positive ideas. But majority of people only remember the negative ideas of macho. People influence how words are remembered and talked about so if we are able let people know more about the word, people would remember genuine meaning. If people spoke more of the positive definitions and talk more about the good meanings, then macho would be remember in a more positive light. Macho can be reclaimed as something more positive to convey a man’s willingness to protect, defend and show honor to his family.
My first thoughts that came to my head when when I heard of the word macho, I thought the meaning of the word was about a man’s masculinity and pride in themselves and how a real is supposed to men acted. As of today, the word can be used for both men and women as women are starting to assume men’s roles as a sense of strength and confidence in the world now. Unlike the past, where males dominated the workforce environment. Today males and females fulfill both roles in the social hierarchy, where the word macho’s definition can serve both parties. From reading, “Muy Macho” by Ray Gonzalez, it has shown me numerous meanings of macho that exist. To be macho, it meant someone that contained traits of courage, honor, valor, pride and honesty. For me personally, I did not know much about the meaning of the word and how there is a positive and negative…

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