Essay on The Portrayal Of Black Women

1052 Words Jan 13th, 2016 null Page
Why it was that the images of black women are either always sexualized or not feminine at all? The interesting thing about this is that black women generally don 't all match these stereotypes. Black women tend to be products of their ethnicity rather than white anglicized women. In other words, black women inherit Afrocentric traits; tend to have thick lips, broad noses, wide hips, and more of voluptuous figure. Yet, not all black women fit this because many black women are of mixed ethnicities. Some tend to mixed with white, black, Hispanic, and Native American and even this is desired more. In culture we see the portrayal of black women in either an overly sexualized way or as a servant type way. Although both are seen in media, it seems that the sexualized image is the greater of the two. The value of black women is placed in their outer appearance like body physique, skin hue, and hair texture because of how the white Americans viewed black women. Rooted from slavery times, black women, both dark skinned and light skinned, have always been treated as objects and property. The identities of black women as licentious is often seen in the environmental and cultural differences between the whites and africans and bonding conditions. Painted as hypersexual beings, black women were given the Jezebel image, or sexually insatiable women. This incited the white-on-black sexual abuse and thus brought on the jealousy and resentment of white women. Since slaves were…

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