Wonder Woman Essay

In the last decade or so Hollywood has taken a liking to the superhero genre and the popularity of the films, television shows, and source characters have exploded. They have managed to produce billions of dollars and bring in a huge number of viewers of all kinds. The stories they tell are complex and enthralling to the audience. However, almost all these stories focus on men and their stories and only use women as a background prop to try to be seen as “progressive”. Some excuse this because the main target is impressionable young, straight, white men so that is why those are the characters they show, as though they cannot find characters that are not exactly like them relatable or interesting, when in reality these movies are viewed by all …show more content…
She is by far the most popular female hero to ever exist. While Wonder Woman has had a presence in Hollywood for much longer than any other heroine, it was only very recently that she made her way onto the big screen. Her only appearance so far was in Batman v Superman, where she played a minor role. Unfortunately, her character was used mostly as a plot device in order to further the storyline and help give Batman information that he needed. When she did appear, it also included a flirtatious undertone with Bruce Wayne like so many women in Hollywood movies often do. During the climax of the movie they utilize her much better, she swoops in and saves Batman from death. She is shown as a hero and in action, the fight scenes are not overly sexualized and are not always flattering as she gets thrown around. At the end of the film, she and Bruce set out to establish the Justice League, so they eventually allow her a more prominent role in the movie. There is much less to critique in the use of Wonder Woman in this film in comparison to almost every action film, but that may be because she has so little screen time. The main problem with Diana in Batman v Superman is the overly used flirting, it is less egregious in this film than others, but the concern still stands because of the constant repetition of the trope. Always having women flirt with men, reinforces the idea that women are only there to as sex objects to please

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