The Politics Of The United States Essay

1400 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
America is a great country, it has a rich history even though it is quite young. The country is bursting with patriotism, and America is touted as number one, but it’s not anymore. The United States has been a driving factor in spreading the idea of equal representation and freedom of democracy through a powerful military and economy. This has given the United States a part on the world stage, however, the spotlight has been slowly moving away. There had to have been one thing that changed. It may no be noticeable to the average american unless, they are already informed or opinionated on it. The issue is today’s politics, it can be the source of so much grief and frustration that the general public has towards their government. The political schism in the country is partly due to the past when presidents and other politicians tried to polarize the parties even more, which meant chasing out moderates of both parties. This loss has left them more black and white, and that has lead to the deadlock in congress. Both sides have contributed to the fall with their ideology and policies. The impact on the United States can be seen with the corruption, economy and social inequality, incarceration, and the nation’s children. Corruption is one of the oldest forms of greed and persuasion that humans have, so it’s no surprise that it’s still rampant in modern governments. If politics is the main source of trouble, then corruption is the underlying issue. It has been growing…

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