The Politics Of The United States Essays

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With the recent election, were you unable to relate to either of the presidential candidates? Most American citizens wished that there was another candidate, capable of winning, running because both candidates were so extreme. This dilemma occurred because of the two-party system, which runs the United States. If the United States was run by a multi-party system or a system by which no parties were present then there would be a very low chance that Donald Trump would be president due to how intensely the people dislike him. With a recent poll, about 14% of America thinks that the federal government works. This high level of dissatisfaction shows that Americans are in need of a change to our current system. These Americans that participated in the poll were dissatisfied for many reasons such as the ineffectiveness of many acts and how complacent the United States government has gotten in the past few years. They are proving that the American people are in desperate need of change. The two party system is making America ungovernable because it creates a distinct division between the American people, does not allow proper representation, and makes compromise very difficult to achieve. During the 1796 election, the first political parties were introduced. After George Washington refused his third term of office, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were competing to become the next president of the United States. Although George Washington warned of political parties in his…

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