Political Parties Case Study

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common interests. This is one of the reasons why Madison wanted more territories, more states, and more districts in the United States to prevent having a majority and separate powers.
Furthermore, he did not think democracy would efficiently work in such a large country like the United States since the territory is overly large to keep all men in politics. Democracy only efficiently worked in small states because everyone was able to participate in politics such as Athena in ancient Greece. Also, he did not agree with the fact that majority would settle wise decision for the public. During that era, minority group was more educated and had more properties, so Madison had a point on his argument. Therefore, he suggested to have Republican
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Other branches of the government are not directly chosen by the popular vote. To begin with, people do not directly vote for the President, but the voting system was created to pick electoral college representatives to vote for the presidency. In other words, people do not get to pick the President of their country by their will, but the selected representatives will do the picking for them. Although people choose the electoral college members from the political taste that they have, it would not necessarily match their wills. For example, in 2000, there was a presidential election, and the result of this election shows the difference between the popular vote and electoral college vote. For popular vote, Al Gore won against George W. Bush, but in electoral college vote, George W. Bush won. In other words, although majority people wanted Al Gore to be the President, the result did not turn as they wished due to the system. Electoral college representatives do not necessarily need to choose a person that the voters want them to choose, instead, they can choose in favor of their own as well. In the past, electoral college representatives were nominated by state representatives, and nowadays, major parties choose the members of electoral college. Those who are picked are also part of elites. Therefore, as Madison wished, the majority is not …show more content…
As we looked at the system that Madison designed, checking is the most essential concept of his theory. However, there are no mention about the balance. Throughout constant checking upon each other, there might be some balance, but it is not guaranteed. There is a possibility that one big party or one influential person could dominate the government depending on the situation; therefore, the checks are guaranteed in the Constitution, but the balances are

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