The Politics Of The 1980 ' S Essay

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The 1980’s was a decade that brought many ionic changes and extreme developments of its time to our nation through economics, politics, and socialism. Not one decade in our era has shown more change through socially explicit controversy than the years of the 80’s. Due in part to Rap Music, fashion trends, and AIDS, the 80’s dominates because of the many conflicting issues that no one wanted to discuss yet existed in the forefront of everyday life. Through these realistic and difficult controversies, the 80’s became one of the best decades of our era that we will ever experience.
During the ever so popular music of the 80’s, many music groups started standing out in the crowd for us as extremely controversial; none more than the highly controversial rap groups. This was a time of extreme change through verbal liberation. The 80’s enlisted rap artists like NWA, Outcast, DMC, and Public Enemy. These groups created controversy in the world because they related to their life events in their music. These lyrics were about tough real life issues they dealt with and things that happened in their personal lives; how they were treated with hate and brutality and were considered “thugs” and “gangsters”. These young African-American artists lived in poor neighboring communities from the rest of the world. They were automatically stereotyped; as bad people. Treatment for them was different than it was for others living outside of these specific troublesome areas. The whole…

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