The Political Systems Of Western European Countries Essay

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Question 4: In a region as relatively prosperous as Western Europe, it can be difficult to deem one nation more successful than another. Collectively, Western Europe probably enjoys a higher level of well-being than any other region. However, upon closely examining the details of the political systems of Western European countries, it is evident that are benefits and drawbacks to every system. First of all is Great Britain, an isolated nation known for developing a distinct system of government separate from that of the rest of continental Europe. The humble beginnings of Parliament blossomed into an important part of the British political process. Politically active and well-educated members of the common class formed the House of Commons and more prestigious members of society formed the House of Lords (Roskin, 29). This is something that has become distinct to the British political identity. While almost all Britons see the House of Commons as a much needed part of their government, many see the House of Lords as an outdated entity of a previous time. However, the House of Lords is a part of the British system that should be more present internationally. While the selection of lords can be dubious, it is the House of Lords that has the power to protect the United Kingdom from the occasionally misplaced judgement of the other branches. The knowledge of the highly established cannot be denied. One criticism of the parliamentary system is how leaders are elected…

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