The Political Era Police During The Civil Era Essay

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During the political era police were tied mainly to dominate political groups and often consulted with local politicians on police priorities and progress. This meant they were likely recruited from similar ethnic backgrounds and lived in areas of specific dominate political parties. This changed in the reform era. This era called for police to be impartial law enforcers that related to citizen professionally neutral and distant terms. During the reform era police where linked to their citizens. Citizen expected to passive recipient of crime control. That meant they should call police when crime occurred, deferring to police action, and be a good witness. Lastly during the community era police relied on a close relationship with the community. They do this by working with many communities building structure relationships with private crime control organization.

In the political era demands came from ward politicians and citizens. The demand for the police was forced on the precinct and street level. The demand of the Reform era was focused on urban policing and anti-crime tactics. Rather than go to the neighborhood police office all the call now went to a central communications facility. The use of 911 systems were advocated for their rapid response for effective service. Lastly in the Community orientated approach people are encourage to bring problems to beat officers or precinct officers. The use of 911 is discouraged unless it is an emergency. Officer’s tactics are to…

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