Winston Churchill And Hitler Comparison

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Kyle Sudano
Professor Cody Aune
WHO 1030
11 November 2016 History has been a revolving door ever since the beginning of time. In tends to repeat itself and that’s why as Humans we have learned from history and have tried to avoid those certain evils that have taken place in this world. History is impacted by Individuals, whether the individual acts on their own accord or works within their group or cabinet of people; history has been written. There are two people that I would like to focus on, Sir Winston Churchill, whom served as Prime Minister for Great Britain and Adolf Hitler who was named Chancellor and the leader of the Third Reich. These two men were once in charge of their respective countries, eventually they both led their
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He was against taxes, and believed they did not belong in Great Britain. For Churchill Religion and Politics influenced each other. Although it wasn’t clear what Churchill really believed in, he used religion as a way to stir up his troops in preparation for War. Both Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were admirable leaders of their respectable countries. Along with the differences in beliefs, they did share the tenacity of serving their country. They both left office and eventually returned with a message to their people. Once returning to political office, both men received an abundant amount of support.
When it came to leadership, Churchill and Hitler were polar opposites. Churchill was declared as much more of an inspirational politician rather than a charismatic one. Churchill 's physical presence did not intimidate others in the way Hitler influenced people with his command
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After 1939 he insisted making his military younger and led to direct a correlation with the number of junior officers on left the decision making to the junior officers. Churchill did the complete opposite, although he served as the First Lord of the Navy he did get too involved in detail - he was often kept busy by derails and one example of this was that he enquired about the number of duffel coats issued to each individual ships by their commanders, and gave orders that backgammon rather than cards should be played on Royal Navy vessels. Once the war was well underway he seemed to have been much more concentrated on the bigger picture. Unlike Hitler, Churchill was greatly helped by the fact that he was not a totalitarian dictator. The British chiefs of staff could stand up to Churchill and under their chairman Field-Marshal Lord Alanbrooke they constantly did. As a result of Churchill 's never once overruling the service chiefs, he accepted the situation and used a more rational and logical way of thinking that would have never been achieved in Nazi

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