Winston Churchill's Contribution To The Modern World

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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” (BrainyQuote, 2014). Winston Churchill was an inspirational leader in politics who left a long lasting legacy, he made decisions that would impact the modern world. Churchill was deeply involved in the British Empire’s government. He was one of the most powerful people in Great Britain, holding many major roles from the beginning of his career to the end. Churchill also had other reputations besides politics. He received numerous awards and ranks for his contributions to other subjects he was interested in. The people’s opinion of Churchill is what made him such a well-known and highly regarded man. He made decisions that were thought …show more content…
Moreover, he was known for being one of the best orators of his time as he influenced people and motivated them to new heights. When Clement Attlee, the Leader of the Labor Party and the Prime Minister who replaced Churchill after his first premiership, was asked how Churchill won the Second World War, he replied, “Talk about it.” (Churchill College of the University of Cambridge). While Churchill lead his country through a difficult era, he showed continuous effort and perseverance. Additionally, Churchill also had other aspects that people took into account. He was against the protests led by Mahatma Gandhi in India for Indian Independence (The Churchill Centre). He believed that the protests would hurt India rather than help it, but the people did not agree. He gave his speech, “Our Duty in India,” which described why the people of Britain should vote against the self-government of India in 1931. This was two years after the start of a time period where Churchill’s political activity reached an all-time low, a time known as, “The Wilderness Years.” (The Churchill Centre). Furthermore, another event that happened was the abdication of Edward VIII (The Churchill Centre). King Edward VIII wanted to marry an American woman while he was in the throne, and this created controversy amongst the British. Churchill believed that there was no reason for Edward VIII to be abdicated for the choices he was going to make. The country and Parliament did not agree with him, and he was politically isolated (The Churchill Centre). The people’s perspective of Winston Churchill was divided deeply and it is also the reason he is still remembered to this

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