The Policy Process Essay

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The Policy Process



Jay Littleton

The Policy Process In today’s health care system it is constantly improving and changing, due to the demands of the health care system. For this to happen new policies must be created or even improving old policies. Congress is involved in the process of policy making; including three stages such as foundation stage, legislative stage, and implementation stage. When a health care topic is in process of becoming a policy it hopes to reach a desired outcome to have a positive effect on people. In the policy making model it has its strengths and limitations. Its strength is the reduction of complexity of policy making to manageable. The
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The of trying to link politics with its policy “consequences results in part from the fragmentation and independent orientations of the different fields of political science and in part from the difficulties of analysis and measurement” (J Stor, 2011). With policy studies they do provide substantive policy measures, but they do not adequately measure the political influence on the policy outcomes. The relationship of government and politics to health care policy go hand in hand. With the growing federal health care spending being a major driver of future deficits, federal government programs are challenged. “Spending for health care in the United States has been growing faster than the economy for many years, posing a challenge not only for the federal governments two major health insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid, but also for states and local governments and the private sector” (The Heritage Foundation, 2011). The government’s relationship to health care policy is that the health care system is directed through the health care policies which then are adopted by the government. The relationship between politics to health care policy is that the U.S. House of Representatives can repeal health care reforms. An example of the relationship of politics to health care policy is the “obamacare” the health care reform. The U.S. House of Representatives, the members of the Republican leadership were announcing their intention to repeal the “obamacare”. The

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