The Poem: The Ghost Of Jacob Grimm

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The book starts out with narrator of the book, the ghost of Jacob Grimm. He has been given the quest of following a boy named Jeremy Johnson Johnson. Jacob Grimm tells of things he 's seen, dealt with, and done, while still giving a good view on what 's going on. Jacob Grimm talks about Jeremy, a 15 year old who is an intelligent boy who is sort of a loner. He is sort of rejected by society but still has a few friends to spare. It doesn 't help that he starts telling people that he is in contact with some being hearing voices. Other than that he has lived a hard life living without his mother and live with a father who has just given up on life. He does sometimes bore me while reading because he seems so boring at times. At the beginning …show more content…
It sometimes said things that made no sense to me but I just kept reading along especially with Jacob Grimm narrating the story. I never really read such a dark fairy tale, but as I read I realized that this really isn 't too dark of a book. The bond between Jeremy and Ginger slowly becomes greater throughout the book. This also helped Jeremy a quiet hermit like boy to come out of his shell all thanks to ginger, The two opposites soon made one of the same. There is always this eerie feeling throughout the entire book that sends chills down your back and yet I can 't really bring to mind exactly what it is. The ghost of Grimm is what made me really made me enjoy the book, I think he is what made the book. And yes, Jeremy is the main character but Jacob Grimm 's dark yet helpful insights made life easier for Jeremy. In general, this book has many different kinds of classifications put together that give it this different concoction of things like horror, imagination and sci-fi.
A character in the book specially gave this horror like awe to the book that could give you nightmares. Mrs. Truax, had a son named posh who was lost at the age of five. Because of his absence she goes around the rest of her life searching for the lost soul. This book ended up being like the old story of Hansel and Gretel but the witch was a

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