The Poem ' Epic Of ' And ' The Men Of Color Study Bible `` Essay

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The piercing exchange of the eye’s iris, the gentle fluttering of butterflies, the strong beats of a drum and the river of thoughts that travel across the mind, it’s flirtatious, lust or love at first sight. The gentle touch on the shoulder, warm embraces feel the heart, the gentle and warm breath that lands so softly on the cheek from the face to face eye gazing, these are the beginnings of erotic moments that can lead to a lifetime of love. In the epic of “Gilgamesh” translated by Foster and the biblical story of David and Jonathan in “The Men of Color Study Bible”, we learn about their first encounter, their ongoing relationships and their tragic ending. While both works are well known to many readers, their relationships within each story is presented as controversial. The author tries to persuade or insinuate to the reader their interactions may be that of a loving homosexual relationship that mirrors that of a heterosexual marriage, rather than an implied erotic sexual lust, or just a platonic friendship of brotherly love. Love has many meanings to different people, for most it is an unwavering, long lasting commitment to another person that is unselfish, forgiving, steadfast, unmovable and separated only through death. In both love stories, the initial attractions were very strong, almost resembling that of love at first sight. Prior to Gilgamesh meeting Enkidu, their relationship was revealed to Gilgamesh in a dream, “I fell in love with it, like a woman. I…

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