The Pledge Of Allegiance By Francis Bellamy Essay example

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United under the flag of our country or under the God which watches over our country, which do you believe? The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892, made its first appearance in the Youths’ Companion, a national family magazine and later the Pledge was edited by congress and the president at the time to include the reference to God. The Pledge was created to be the ultimate symbol of nationhood for the people of The United States of America. We remember The pledge as it was said while we salute the flag during school hours. But is it ethical or should it be required for all students to say? This paper will be arguing whether or not students should say the Pledge based on the ritual view and transmission view from James Carey. When viewing the Pledge through the ritual view, we see the Pledge as being a way for all citizens and students to unite under the flag. Many people say it should be required to say the Pledge at school but many people disagree with this and believe that it should be said by the choice of the student depending on if it fits in with their beliefs and religions.
The ritual view can be described sacred ceremony that draws people together who have a common quality in fellowship and commonality. (Carey 1975) This view of communication was purposed by James Carey and it is about sharing common ideas and fellowship with other like-minded people. When using the ritual view to examine public schools that have been reciting the pledge of…

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