The Platters Only You Analysis

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Sh-boom by the chords is a doo- wop of rhythm and blues. This song is sing by 4 people who are one lead singer and tree vocal accompaniment. This song is about a love story, whole music is in a brisk mood. The lead singer was sing the whole story and accompany were flow the lead singer, deeper voice and with the rhythm of doo and sh- boom. However the main musical instrument is guitar.

Shake rattle and roll by Jor Tumer is type of rock and roll. Whole music is solo by a male singer who is Jor Tumer. The music with the dynamic male voice which is kind uses special man’s deep voice to sing in the high cadence voice, is kind combine by saxophone during transition phase. However the main instruments are piano, drum and saxophone.

The Platters - Only You (And You Alone) is a pop music. This song is song by a band which is four accompaniments (3 male and one female) and a lead singer. Lead singer was singing a love story about a density of only lover with his high but mellow and full of voice. The accompaniments are singing in the “woo” and “au” rhythm in deep voice. Piano and guitar is the main instrument. And because of the female accompaniments, accompany were not too deep, moreover were promoter the whole rhythm of songs.
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This song was singing by a lead singer and many accompaniments; at beginning, the singer use nasal voice to make the special rhythm for bedding the rest of song, also use the nasal voice the excessive the upper half of music and lower part of song. Accompaniments sing in “ou” and “en” sounds, moreover, with the sound of clip of finger to make the music more rhythm sensation. The main music instrument is

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