Essay about The Plants And Vascular Plants

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Plants are divided into two groups which are the non-vascular plants and vascular plants. One thing that we can differentiate the byrophytes to pteridophytes is that pteridophytes can differentiate its vascular spores, and these are the xylem and tracheid. It can transport its nutrients and water through these vascular tissues and cells. These xylem and phloem cells and tissues can conduct support of the pteridophytes. Pteridophyta is a phylum that is very common and ancient species. Pteridophyta are simply the ferns. Ferns are mostly terrestrial vascular plants. They may live in aquatic area. Ferns are epiphytes, they can live in tropics that has moist and damp conditions. Ferns have vascular tissues. They contains xylem and phloem that are differentiated into cylindrical structure. Unlike, the bryophytes, the pteridophytes have true plant structures. They have true roots, true stem and true leaves. Ferns are seedless vascular plants. They breed on spores. Pteridophytes are different from other vascular plants because this group contains vascular tissues but do not form any seed. They do not have seeds or pollen and the spores is free. This means it also needs water to disperse and it will grow. One of the characteristics of pteridophytes is that it contains many spores that differentiate into frond and rhizel. The roots demonstrated as true roots except that main root cannot be adventitious. As we said, the roots of the pteridophyts are frond. These fronds is divided into…

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