Essay on The Plane Hijacking On September 11th

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Throughout life there are hundreds and hundreds of events, big and small, that occur and change either our outlook on life or a small, or large, section of our life. The shows that were popular during an individual’s life affects him or her. The bands and musicians that were popular effected those who listen to these performers. What movies and television shows were being watched, or whether there were two parents in the home or not, all of these things have the power to change a person’s outlook or a whole section of his or her life. Every individual might have different events that affected him or her, but for me, the events that shaped my life the most were the plane hijacking on September 11th, the war in Iraq, after these events my awareness to what was going on in the world was greatly heightened, specifically the growing number of school shootings. On the 11th day of September, 2001, over three thousand lives were lost (MacFarlane). Countless more lives were forever changed, as they lost their dads, moms, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and friends. On that day in September, the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, as well as a section of the Pentagon, were struck down by three planes that had been hijacked by terrorists. One more plane had also been hijacked, but crashed in a western Pennsylvania field after the passengers tried to take over from the terrorist hijackers. It is thought that the terrorists planned for this plane to either hit Camp…

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