The Plague : Reading Log # 1 Essay examples

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The Plague: Reading Log #1
1.) The plague begins in the Algerian port town of Oran in the 1940’s. Due to unknown reason, all the rats in town begin dying in a horrific manner. The town doctor, Bernard Rieux becomes concerned because of the manner the rats are dying. Soon the rats stop dying and the citizens become ill. It became evident that the Bubonic plague has hit the town. As people began to die, Rieux and other doctors beg authorities to take preventive action which results in a quarantine. Soon mass hysteria begins to set in and smuggling begins to take place.
Dr. Bernard Rieux – is the protagonist of the novel. He is morally upright character and is frustrated by the City officials reaction to the plague. During the Quarantine, he is separated from his ill wife who is in a sanitarium. He has little patience and he tries to help patients even though his treatments are doing little.
Jean Tarrou – is the author of the diary that the narrator uses the chronicle the journey of the plague. Tarrou is a tourist who is vacationing in Oran when the city is quarantined. He becomes a close friend of Dr. Rieux.

Joseph Grand – is a civil servant living in Oran. He is a man who lives in poverty and his life has proved to be bleak. But he has a dream to write a literary masterpiece but has only got to writing the opening statement. Becomes a close friend of Dr. Rieux and rescues Cottard when he was committing suicide.
Cottard – is a paranoid man who tries to commit…

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