The Black Plague Dbq Essay

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Intro - There are many ways the Black Plague affected Europe. Dead body’s stacking up outside your home was normal. I will tell you about the horrifying things the Black Death did to people, and how the plague got to Europe. Then I will tell you about some of the insane ways they tried to treat the Black Death. How did this misery end? Keep reading to find out.

Paragraph 1 -

What was the Black Death? The Black Plague was one of the worst catastrophes in history. It destroyed a higher proportion of the population than any other single known event. (“Your 60-Second Guide to the Black Death”). Some of the Symptoms were dark spots appearing on your skin, and coughing up blood. Another sign that you were a victim to this vicious disease was
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The plague killed off most of England’s population, and the price of common things, like clothes, rose. The price of food, though, didn't go up, perhaps because the population had declined so much. (Edmonds). Also a lot of buildings (homes, shops, farms) were abandoned as well.

Paragraph 2 - If the Black Plague didn’t start in Europe then how did it kill millions of Europeans? It was brought to Europe through sailors on a boat. Most of the sailors were dead, and the survivors were on the brink of death.

Paragraph 3 -

How did the people try to treat the Black Death? The doctors wore these weird beak masks, yes, they actually served a purpose. At least the people thought that they did. Back then it was believed that the plague was spread through the air. So the doctors stuffed things like lavender in the beak part. They put lavender in it sometimes since the scent of it is strong.
The people thought that god was punishing them for their sins. So to try and apologize for their sins some people hurt themselves, and others went to the church for answers. When the signs of the plague continued, some people lost faith in god. Frustrated with Black Death diagnoses that revolved around astrology and superstition, educators began placing greater emphasis on clinical medicine, based on physical science.

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