The Physics Of The Atomic Theory Essay

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The Atomic Theory

The Atomic theory is just another law or principle of science, its the very foundation of all that science includes! The laws and principles of science were able to be tested because of this theory! We are going over everything about the atomic theory including its beginning, the history of the atomic theory, and why it is so important in the first place. We will also go over the many models produced by scientists over the years and why they were right or wrong and then our final result. The Atomic theory went through a number of different stages before it actually came near to being complete, and even now we still may be wrong or at least be able to do better than our current standard model.

As we know today, the Atom is made up of a Nucleus and a space reserved for electrons called the Electron Cloud. The Nucleus consists of a certain number of both Protons and Neutrons. This model is the The Cloud Model. Erwin Schrodinger created the final product of the cloud model after looking over Bohr’s model and research. The cloud model comes as an advancement from the Planetary Model which showed the Electrons moving around the Nucleus of an Atom in rings like planetary orbit around the sun. Eventually we found out that those rings may still be valuable to decide the energy of the atom. They show the energy of the atom by the placement of valence electrons in Orbitals around the nucleus. They are the S, P, D, and F Orbitals. Thats how groups of…

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