Essay on The Physics Of The Atomic Theory

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The atomic theory was proposed by a chemist named John Dalton, but it was first discovered by a Greek philosopher named Democritus in 400 BCE. Democritus stated that matter was made of small hard particles called atomos. John Dalton’s theory can be called modern because it can be proven through experiments. John Dalton pointed out some major details about the atomic theory; All matter is composed of very small particles called atoms, atoms of a given element are identical, atoms can’t be created nor destroyed, atoms can combine or separate from each other, and atoms combine in whole number ratios. The atoms in the atomic theory are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Electrons inhabit regions of space called orbitals. Orbitals have four different groups divided called orbitals s,d,p, and f. There were a lot of different experiments to figure out this theory.
Technology has evolved over the years. There was a Gold Foil Experiment that was done by Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford has been working on the study of absorption of radioactivity through thin sheets of foil and found alpha rays and beta rays. Shortly after the discovery of the alpha rays and the beta rays, Rutherford discovered a third form of radiation called gamma rays. The gold foil experiment was an experiment where they turned off all the lights and watched the light travel through others and reflected and that led to the discovery of the nucleus. There also was the plum pudding…

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