The Physics Of Atomic Theory Essay

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Atomic Theory Many years ago the atom used to be known as the minsculalist particle that could be conceived; known as the atomon (this is the Greek name). The atom, in fact, was thought as indestructible. As time went on the scientific theories about atoms developed deliberately and the atom became raison d 'etre, which means a reason to being or the biggest accomplishment. Democritus and leucippus, Greek philosophers in 400 BCE, were the first people to develop the idea that atoms are building blocks for all matter. It is unclear to which philosopher had contributed these ideas, so they were both given credit. Democritus called the atoms; “atomos” which is another Greek name for the atom, but other than that it has no other significant meaning. These ideas of the atomic theory formed from leucippus and Democritus, were then altered and further advanced later by Dalton, Thompson, Planck,Heisenberg, Einstein, Rutherford, Bohr, Shrodinger, Chadwick, Mann and Lavoisier.
However, along with these theories and ideas founded by these amazing scientists, they all ultimately discovered that atom was not as transparent as once thought. John Dalton was the first scientist to theorize matter in concepts of atoms. Dalton made five theories, or properties of atoms, that are still used today. He called them the five postulates that are still widely used throughout the world when discussing the property of the atom. The first postulate states, all atoms are made of miniscule…

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