Dog Photography Research Paper

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Photos of a dog that is buried in sand have surfaced online. The picture is of five individuals and on it, a dog is buried in sand with only its head not buried in sand.
Some people are very callous. It beats logic trying to wind down on a beach by abusing an innocent dog that is defenceless. This cruel incident took place in Brazil on the sandy beaches of Porto Alegre. A group of people who were having quality time having fun on the beach decided to have more fun which was not funny even one bit by deciding to bury the innocent dog in the sand only leaving its head above the sand. They then proceeded to take photos of themselves with those of the poor animal. They seem to be in a joyous mood cheering and laughing over their action.
All this time, the dog was not happy even one bit. The dog seemed not to enjoy the horrendous action of the human beings. The dog looked miserable which was unlike the human beings who seemed to have a time of their life. They obviously seemed not to know that they were actually abusing the animal and it was a bad joke taken too far. They were oblivious that they were actually committing a criminal offence.
The photos of this ugly act were posted on social platforms where the individual’s friends who commented on the picture shared similar sentiments that the outing
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A James Douglas, was tagged in the photos. An evidence that he was one of the individuals in the picture. It is however unclear whether the dog belonged to any of the individuals on the photo or was just a stray dog that had found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time, at the beach. In which case the dog might have been held captive and was then used to fulfil their spirit of adventure. It must have been a painful ordeal for the animal having to be buried against its wishes. The animal was also frightened and this may affect its well-being and also its relationship with human beings from that day

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